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Spend, Save and  Earn Crypto:
Your Ultimate Shopping Destination!

Explore the future of online shopping with BackPay.

Shop online and earn crypto rewards 

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Presale is now live!!


At Backpay, we're revolutionizing online shopping by bridging the gap between traditional cash payments and the world of cryptocurrencies. Our platform enables users to pay with cash while rewarding them with crypto tokens equivalent to the discounts offered by suppliers. This unique approach addresses the concerns of webshops, who prefer cash payments due to factors like the complexity of integrating cryptocurrency and price fluctuations. With Backpay, webshops receive cash payments while customers enjoy the benefits of crypto rewards, creating a win-win situation for all. Our journey begins with establishing partnerships with global retailers and online stores, offering options for worldwide shipping as well as region-specific shipping to cater to diverse customer needs. And the future looks bright—we're expanding locally to serve you even better!

How it Works

Browse through our platform and find a product you like in one of our partner webshops.

The webshop offers a fantastic deal:

20% discount in token rewards.

Excited about the offer, you decide to buy the product for $100.

Instead of receiving a direct discount on the product, you receive $20 worth of token rewards credited to your account upon completing the purchase.


BackPay receives $20 from our partner webshop

We will allocate $20 worth of tokens to customer's account.

We will add the money we receive from our partner webshops to liquidity pools.

When the tokens from our allocated tokenomics are depleted, we will purchase them from the market.

At Backpay, we believe in rewarding our loyal customers in a way that benefits everyone. When you shop with us and earn token rewards, we don't pocket the money we receive from our partner webshops – instead, we contribute it to liquidity pools.

By adding these rewards to liquidity pools, we enhance the trading ecosystem for our token and ensure a more stable and liquid market.  In the event that the allocated token rewards from our tokenomics are depleted, we will proactively replenish tokens by purchasing them from the market. This ensures that our users continue to benefit from our token rewards system.Our mission is to build a thriving and sustainable community where every purchase is contributes to the growth and liquidity of our token. Together, we can unlock new opportunities and create a brighter future for digital commerce.

Why Backpay

Unique Solution for Crypto Adoption

Bridging the gap between traditional payment methods and  cryptocurrencies.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts

We understand that the adoption of cryptocurrencies among businesses may still be in its early stages. Most companies hesitate to accept crypto payments directly, we've found a unique solution to bridge this gap. So, while the world may be taking small steps towards embracing crypto payments, at Backpay, we're making leaps and bounds towards a future where crypto rewards are as commonplace as pocket change.  We are committed to securing the best possible deals for our community members. We leverage our strong relationships with partner webshops and negotiate tirelessly to ensure that our users receive exclusive discounts and special offers. Our goal is to provide our community with unparalleled value, enabling them to enjoy crypto rewards on their purchases and benefiting from potential price appreciation, making their discounts even more valuable over time.


We are not only focused on the present but also deeply committed to shaping the future of commerce. Our journey begins with establishing partnerships with global retailers and online stores, offering options for worldwide shipping as well as region-specific shipping. In the future, we envision expanding our platform to include partnerships with various industries, locally and globally. For example, imagine a music festival in your city that still has unsold tickets and is seeking ways to reach a wider audience. By partnering with BACKPAY, the festival organizers can offer exclusive discounts to potential attendees who choose to pay with traditional currency, while rewarding them with crypto for their purchase. This incentive can attract a demographic interested in their event, boosting ticket sales and attendee engagement. Through these partnerships, we aim to not only provide additional value to our users but also support businesses in achieving their goals by leveraging the power of crypto rewards and our expansive network.

Local stores
Extensive experience in the e-commerce industry, providing valuable insights into online retail and customer behavior.
Current positions at a publicly traded company operating multiple webshops, sparking the idea for BackPay to revolutionize the payment landscape.
Leveraging an extensive network and established relationships with prominent industry players to forge strategic partnerships and drive platform growth.
Collaborating with industry experts specialized in IT and marketing, who have honed their skills at the same renowned e-commerce company.

Buckle up, because things are about to get exciting. Our journey begins with a pivotal background in the e-commerce industry, which lays the foundation for our success. Having navigated the intricate web of online retail at a publicly traded company managing multiple webshops, I've amassed invaluable insights into consumer behavior and market dynamics. With 20+ years of experience in the e-commerce industry, it's these invaluable insights and expertise that have fueled the inception of BackPay. My background isn't just incidental, it's critical to our success. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a vast network of industry connections, we are uniquely positioned to propel BackPay to new heights. Additionally, I'm thrilled to have two highly skilled colleagues who share my vision and are eager to contribute their expertise to the project. Together, we're not just a team – we're a force to be reckoned with. We are ready to leverage our collective expertise and industry connections to drive BackPay forward. Get ready to witness the evolution of e-commerce, because with BackPay at the helm, the future is looking brighter than ever.


Preparation and Development

  • Project Concept and Planning

    • Define the concept of BackPay and draft a detailed development plan.

    • Form the core development team and onboard external advisors if necessary.

  • Website Launch

    • Publish the BackPay whitepaper detailing the project, tokenomics, and roadmap.

    • Launch the official BackPay website 

Token Name
Token Symbol
1 Billion

Presale (40%)

This portion is allocated for the Presale on PinkSale

Liquidity DEX (20%)

These funds are allocated for the liquidity on Raydium

Rewards and liquidity (30%)

A portion of the token supply is reserved for rewards and liquidity.

Team and Advisers (10%)

These funds are utilized to compensate the team and advisers for their contributions to the project. It is worth mentioning that we are personally covering the expenses for marketing and website development.


Are you ready to join our journey and become a part of the Backpay community? Here's how you can get started:

Our presale/fairlaunch will be conducted through Pinksale, a trusted platform for token launches.
Our presale is going live on 01.04.2024

Don't miss out on this chance to be part of our innovative ecosystem from the very beginning. 

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